Investment Opportunity

Market forces driving the renewed interest in office and industrial condos, also called commercial condominiums are, historically low interest rates, certain income tax and financial benefits to owning rather than leasing, competition among bankers to sell Small Business Administration loans and, not least of all, pride in ownership.

Traditionally, office condominiums have appealed to small businesses, professional firms and medical practices with stable business models. These office-users typically purchase 1000 to 7000 square feet, well below the focus of the usual commercial broker who searches for tenants with far larger space needs.

In recent years we've experienced a slow-growth national economy, historically low interest rates and a volatile Wall Street. These factors have led many successful professionals and entrepreneurs to look at alternative investments in the real estate market, including owning their own office condo space.


The key driver of the Lake Wylie Business Centre is the prevailing rental rate. For example: if new office space is leasing at $20 a square foot, and a user can buy new office space at $18 a square foot, there's an immediate return on that real estate investment. While the asset typically appreciates in real value, the owners can claim depreciation and operating expenses as tax deductions. Of course actual dollar figures vary with each individual’s circumstances, but overall Lake Wylie Business Centre is a great deal for investors of all sizes.

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