What is included with my unit?

The exterior of the unit is complete, and the interior is stubbed for water, sewer, electric, telephone, and interior firewalls ready for paint. You can hire your own contractor to complete your unit, or we will provide a list of preferred contractors and assist you in making the selection.

Who customizes my unit?

You may use any licensed contractor you prefer. For your convenience, we can provide a list of contractors that are familiar with our business centre.

What type of signage can I use?

There are certain sign criteria that must be followed. We provide all purchasers with a packet containing sign specifications, permit numbers, and other pertinent information.

What do I actually own?

You alone own the space inside your unit. Together, all members of the Lake Wylie Business Centre Property Owners Association own the buildings, structures and land.




When do I need to contact a contractor?

If you are going to include your customizations in your loan, you will need to obtain the cost from the contractor within your 30-day due diligence period.

What insurance do I need to maintain as an owner?

Owners need to obtain contents and liability damage coverage.

Do I need insurance on the building?

No. Your building’s association holds the insurance on the building. It is covered by the association dues.

Who manages the Lake Wylie Business Centre?

A reputable management company manages the Business Centre. They assure the facility is kept clean and mowed. They also take in all dues and pay the bills.


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